Why I’m Voting for Obama: Blog Action

This is about the time in a presidential election that I wish I ran marathons. I’d be able to ignore my aching feet, my legs on fire from lactic acid buildup, or my lungs feeling like they’re ripping apart and lined with acid at the same time. The fears and anxieties over polls or Republican voter suppression would roll off my back. I’d squint and see the oh-so-distant yet looming finish line, and keep repeating to myself, “You’ve come this far, you’ll finish, and you WILL finish strong.”

It’s time to dig deep. This is also around the time we phonebank like there’s no tomorrow. (There isn’t.) We can make sure our families and as many friends as possible are going to vote. Some of us will be in a position to go to a swing state and hit the ground making sure Obama supporters know where to vote, have got a ride there, have got their child care covered, or will be ready with a snack or a folding chair in case they experience lines at the polls. All these details are coming together.

Through our #SheVotes campaign on Twitter, we started by reaching more than 417,060 people and 3,053,085 impressions during the RNC and finished the last presidential debate with a reach of more than 1 million people and over 10 million impressions. Our Facebook page postings have, at their peak, expanded the reach of our 2,542 fans to just under 20,000 people on Facebook reached per week, with potential Friends of Fans impressions of 1,162,376 people on Facebook per week seeing our posts. So we’ve used social media to amplify the message that women vote and we care about all kinds of economic, foreign policy, and family issues. We did this — YOU did this. All this since August, 2012. We’re going to surge to the voting booths on November 6, 2012 and put a stop to the Republican War on Women, just you wait and see.

You can also dig deep with us in one last blog post: Why I’m Voting For Obama.

See Donna’s here. She says it so beautifully and powerfully.

To help us finish strong, we’re giving away delightful Bubble Genius specially-made MOMocrats soaps to the first thirty people who put links to their Why I’m Voting For Obama posts in our comments section below. We’ll stop giving out soaps by November 4, 2012, or when all thirty soaps are gone. Be sure to leave your email so we can contact you privately for your mailing address! Also tell us if you came from #BlogForObama, #SheVotes, or Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Women Off the Sidelines campaign, we want to celebrate us all. We’re going to kick ass, look good, and smell awesome doing it.

Power up for the final stretch — watch us win! Let’s do it!



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Author: Cynematic

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