Call to Action: Help Visually Impaired Delegates Attend the 2016 DNC!

2016 DNC Philadelphia, PA-2

By Christina Gleason

As the MOMocrats team prepares to head to Philadelphia to cover the Democratic National Convention, we would like to take this opportunity to lobby for reasonable accommodations for a neglected subset of Democratic delegates with disabilities. As a neurodiversity consultant, disability advocate, and disabled person myself, it is my honor to introduce a petition on the behalf of MOMocrats and visually impaired delegates and convention attendees:

The DNC is a private organization that is not bound to adhere to all ADA best practices in serving its disabled member-delegates. At the 2016 Convention, great progress has been made to add Audio Description (narration for visually impaired people of video live-stream of events). In previous conventions as well as this current one, there has been provision for sign language accompaniment of major speeches and events as well as closed captioning of video material, and physical access for mobility-impaired attendees in accordance with ADA laws. This is all praiseworthy.

But the accommodations for visually impaired delegates have not kept pace. Given barriers that Democratic Party 2016 convention delegates with vision impairment have experienced in trying to gain access, it’s time for the Democratic National Convention to commit to the following to guarantee full future participation by visually impaired people:

1) non-voting floor credentials for their personal sighted/abled aides. Some blind and visually impaired delegates, for example, require people to help them navigate in crowded, complex situations a guide dog or other assistive device cannot.

2) space in Convention center(s) for a workstation with a computer and a scanner so that print documents can be scanned and digitized with an OCDR program like Kurtzweil so that blind delegates can participate fully in the proceedings. Blind/visually impaired delegates may also need a page to run the documents to the office and an office member or a volunteer to scan the documents.  (If the volunteer is not familiar with Kurtzweil they will need to be trained in advance.)

3) access to the disability agenda organizers so delegates with disabilities can be full participants in meetings the Democratic Party might hold on platform language and policy regarding those issues.

4) official adoption of ADA best practices for all disabled people, including the visually impaired, into the the DNC charter so this private organization can ensure full participation of all attendees.

Sign the petition now!

Help Blind Delegates Access the 2016 DNC in Philly!

This petition is now closed.

End date: Oct 28, 2016

Signatures collected: 311

Signature goal: 1000

311 signatures

Latest Signatures
311Cecelia Hamilton-BrownJul 24, 2016
310Angelina OrtizJul 24, 2016
309Sue LernerJul 24, 2016
308Hari Atma Kaur KhalsaJul 23, 2016
307Ron FestineJul 23, 2016
306Pam FontenotJul 23, 2016
305Julian ChanJul 23, 2016
304Tracey MorganJul 22, 2016
303Solanna DoyleJul 22, 2016
302Elaine BohlJul 22, 2016
301Veronica BelvelJul 22, 2016
300Wendy Littleton-KozmaJul 22, 2016
299Debbie TsujimotoJul 22, 2016
298Charlene GallegosJul 21, 2016
297Becky Alexander Jul 21, 2016
296Rose BuchholzJul 21, 2016
295Tracie KrauseJul 21, 2016
294Stacey SiegalJul 21, 2016
293Anne MontanaroJul 21, 2016
292Thom KulesaJul 21, 2016
291Deborah BarryJul 21, 2016
290Raven HaberJul 21, 2016
289Catherine BajcsiJul 21, 2016
288Katherine MajorosJul 21, 2016
287Jill EverettJul 21, 2016
286Annie MarsdenJul 21, 2016
285William reamJul 21, 2016
284Galen Bratton Jul 21, 2016
283Melody MitchellJul 21, 2016
282Ernest BennettJul 21, 2016
281Kim WomantreeJul 21, 2016
280Ellen LaPennaJul 21, 2016
279Ashley McCoyJul 21, 2016
278David BallJul 21, 2016
277Lucie HaskinsJul 21, 2016
276Elaine NosserJul 21, 2016
275Shirley D HunterJul 21, 2016
274Cheryl KassonJul 21, 2016
273Bridgid Persephone Newman-HensonJul 21, 2016
272Tina CameronJul 21, 2016
271Nicole LambertJul 21, 2016
270Deborah ReevesJul 21, 2016
269lorri gannJul 21, 2016
268Judy SmithJul 21, 2016
267Hon. Gary J. MondfransJul 21, 2016
266V PJul 21, 2016
265Lisa BrownJul 21, 2016
263Paris TiironeJul 21, 2016
262sarah WWarholJul 21, 2016


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