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About Run, Mama Run

Progressive women in America will be haunted for years by what happened in 2010: Conservatives came to the polls in droves and elected some of the most radical lawmakers the country has produced in over a century. The result has been a war on women and everything we hold dear: education,  jobs, and a safety net to ensure that no American must starve or fear bankruptcy due to illness.

What might have happened if the same Democratic voters who come out for our Presidential elections also took the time to vote in the midterms? Less than 38% of eligible voters turned out in 2010. There were 55% fewer young voters than in 2008, 43% fewer African Americans, and 40% fewer Hispanics: these are all groups that tend to vote Democratic.

We learned in 2010 that it is not enough to have a Democrat in the White House. We need to elect people who represent our values to all levels of government. And we need to see that the makeup of our government better reflects the general population: Congress is currently just 19% female, and that is an all-time high. It is through the efforts of women in the Senate that we finally got some action on the problem of rape in the military. The fight against the anti-choice agenda of the far right is being led by women in state legislatures all over the country.

We created our Run, Mama Run map of progressive women candidates to serve as a tool to help publicize their campaigns, gather support and raise campaign funds.