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And We’re Off! The Race to Elect More Women Candidates

Run, Mama Run: Progressive Women Candidates

Welcome to Run, Mama Run 3.0: MOMocrats’ newest tool in our effort to support progressive, pro-choice Democratic women candidates.

Back in 2008, we took a little time off from our efforts to elect a Democratic President to spotlight a few female Congressional candidates. We called that series of blog posts “Run, Mama Run.” In 2010, we stepped up our efforts by featuring posts and podcasts with interviews highlighting some of our favorite progressive women candidates who later won their races and became members of Congress. In 2012, we expanded the concept a little by identifying women who were running for office on state and local levels as well, and we put them on a searchable map.

This newest version of RMR is our most ambitious yet: We are FIRED UP about the midterm elections. We remember what happened in 2010, and are determined to make sure that 2014 will be remembered as the year that we stopped Tea Party tyrants… because WOMEN are stepping up to the plate: to vote, to donate, to RUN — because when women run, we win.

Democratic women in office vote for the issues women care about. We’re not just talking about Choice and Reproductive freedom (although the War on Women waged by Republicans over the last few years has centered on that). We care about other issues: Education… Jobs… Gun Safety… Climate Change…  you know, the things that will affect our future and the future of our children and grandchildren, too.

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We are working with women’s organizations like EMILY’s List and MomsRising to populate our new map with worthy female candidates vying for offices on ALL levels of government. No race or municipality is too small — because today’s school board member could be tomorrow’s Congresswoman or Senator (like Senator Patty Murray, a PTA alum)… and maybe President.