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US House of Representatives
Illinois, 13th District
Ann Callis is recommended by EMILY’s List

Ann Callis is not your typical Madison County mom: She is also a respected jurist who has served on the bench for 18 years, where she earned her reputation as an “anti-crime judge.”

She faces a Tea Party incumbent who not only supports the Ryan roadmap to ruin — he is also the subject of ethics charges for purported campaign finance violations.

From Ann’s campaign website:

Judge Ann Callis is running for Congress because Washington has become dysfunctional. On important issues to our region like jobs, education, Social Security and Medicare, partisanship outweighs common sense. A proven reformer, Judge Callis saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by streamlining the judiciary budget while working with community leaders across our region to create a foreclosure mediation program and the first Veterans Court in Illinois to improve services. In the courtroom, Judge Callis didn’t ask if the people who came before her were Democrats or Republicans. She had a job to do — making fair and impartial decisions based on the evidence presented. That’s how she’ll approach her job in Congress.


  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-Medicare and Social Security
  • Pro-Jobs
  • Pro-Public Education
  • Pro-Environment
  • Pro-Sensible Gun Laws (Background checks)


EMILY’s List
Women’s Campaign Forum



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