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Allyson Schwartz

Allyson Schwartz

Representative Allyson Schwartz is currently the front runner in the election to choose a Democratic challenger to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. But it’s early — and some of her opponents are very well funded.


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Currently serving in the US House of Representatives, Allyson Schwartz is vying to become the first woman Governor of Pennsylvania — replacing one of the nation’s most extreme Tea Party governors.

Tom Corbett and the Republican-led state legislature have done massive damage to Pennsylvanians’ voting rights, public education and reproductive choice. Corbett is vulnerable. But first, Schwartz must face a primary slate crowded with deep-pocketed Democrats.

From Representative Schwartz’s campaign website:

“Called the “mother of CHIP,” Schwartz established the groundbreaking Pennsylvania State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has enabled millions of Pennsylvania working families to purchase private health coverage.  It served as a model for the federal CHIP initiative established under President Bill Clinton.

Schwartz played a major leadership role in ensuring that the Affordable Care Act was built on a centrist model of public-private partnerships. Schwartz led on many of the ACA’s key provisions, including establishing a tax credit for small businesses that provide health coverage, prohibiting insurance companies from refusing coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions, and allowing young adults to remain on their parent’s health coverage.”


  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-Public Education
  • Pro-Environment


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