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Annise Parker

Annise Parker

UPDATE November 2013: Annise Parker won re-election as Mayor of Houston.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker made history just by being elected back in 2009.

Houston, TX

Annise Parker is recommended by EMILY’s List.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker made history just by being elected back in 2009, as noted by TIME magazine:

After defeats on gay marriage in places deemed far more gay-friendly than Texas, like Maine and New York, the victory of Annise Parker, who is in a committed relationship with two children, was a welcome, if puzzling, achievement for advocates of gay rights. The mayor-elect’s photograph, showing her smiling sweetly and looking like Barbara Bush, was plastered everywhere from the Drudge Report to China’s Xinhua news service, shattering all manner of clichés about Texas, lesbians and politics in the Old South.

Annise has been an effective mayor for the citizens of Houston, but re-election is not a sure thing in one of the reddest of red states. She is being challenged by a slew of other candidates and although she leads them all in the polls, she will likely end up in a run-off against one of her Republican challengers (as of this writing, former city attorney Ben Hall will likely be her opponent in a run-off).


  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-Public Education
  • Pro-Common Sense Gun Legislation (member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns)
  • Pro- Immigration Reform

Find out more about Annise at her campaign website.


EMILY’s List
Women’s Campaign Fund


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