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Jennifer Boysko

Jennifer Boysko

UPDATE November 2013: Jennifer Boysko lost her race for State Delegate by a grand total of 32 votes.

State Delegate
Virginia, District 86

Virginia has been one of the nation’s busiest battlefronts in the “War on Women,” thanks to the efforts of Governor Bob “Vaginal Ultrasound” McDonnell and the state’s merry band of Republican legislators. Electing progressive, pro-choice Democrats like Jennifer Boysko will help put sanity back into the legislature.

From Jennifer Boysko’s campaign website:

After years working with our neighbors who are facing all of these challenges I understand the difficulties we confront on a daily basis. I will continue to advocate on our behalf. Education, health care and human services are all connected in so many ways.  I will work to make strides in these area, but also to make sure they are operated in a fiscally responsible manner.  I will strive to streamline these services in order to create the most efficient and effective solution. I will also continue to work toward creating long-term transportation and infrastructure solutions, two vital components to the quality of life and economic health of our region. Government should work for us, not for a political party, not for a personal agenda.

This race should not be not about personalities or personal friendships.  It’s about policy that will affect thousands of Virginians.



  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-Public Education
  • Pro-Immigration Reform
  • Pro-Marriage Equality
  • Pro-Environment


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