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Jill Miller Zimon

Jill Miller Zimon

Jill Miller Zimon is a friend of the MOMocrats and one of the inspirations behind our Run, Mama Run initiative. 

State Representative
Ohio, District 3

Jill Miller Zimon has been endorsed by EMILY’s List.

Jill Miller Zimon not only writes like she talks: she runs, too. When she noted problems in her home town of Pepper Pike, Ohio the mother of three decided to stop talking and got herself elected to the city council. A former journalist with a background in social work, Jill embraced the Internet and learned to use it in new and interesting ways, both as a campaigner and as a city official.

Following her election to city council, Jill received the first-ever Campaign Innovator Award for a Candidate from New Media Strategies, who noted that she was the first nationally recognized blogger to be elected with an integrated online campaign effectively utilizing social media.

From Jill Miller Zimon’s campaign website:

Simply put, no one will work harder than I will to change the results coming out of Columbus so that they benefit the newly re-drawn House District 12. These times demand a representative who has proven that she can and will develop solutions for even the most stubborn problems – whether those problems affect one village within the district, or all 10 communities. I am that individual, and creating and taking opportunities for change is why I am running to be the State Representative for District 12.


We asked Jill where she stands on the issues MOMocrats care about. Here is her reply:

Pro-choice: On Friday, I was part of a press event in Cleveland, along with other local and state electeds during which we unequivocally rejected Governor] Kasich and the state legislature’s proclivity for passing heinous abortion restrictions issues.
Pro-Sensible Gun Laws: I respect the Second Amendment, but believe in far more local control. I do not support guns in public parks, and I do not support guns in bars and restaurants. I support more, better and better coordinated background checks, I support assault weapons ban and I do not support the attempts in Ohio to expand the Castle doctrine to a broader Stand Your Ground law.
Pro-Environment: I believe in renewable energy and in reducing harmful emissions. In addition, I believe we need to examine how we can provide assistance to states like Ohio that have a significant job-related dependence on coal. By this I mean, I don’t want to see thousands of Ohioans lose their jobs because we are looking to the future of renewable and alternative energy sources and so I want us to craft policy that can both transition our energy industry away from fossil fuels and help hard-working Ohioans transition as well, so that they do not become part of the long-term unemployed. I believe in the triple bottom line of PPP – People, Planet, Profit.
Pro-Public Education: I’m an unabashed supporter and believer in public education. I am opposed to for-profit charters. Generally speaking, I am opposed to vouchers. Ohio has a community schools law which has been horrifically abused and has failed to result in the choice and improvement it was hoped to bring. Without meaningful oversight of charters, I am extremely reluctant to support all but the very few not-for-profit charters that have worked collaboratively with their public school districts. I absolutely support funding gifted education and reject unfunded mandates. I believe in comprehensive sex education.
Pro-Transparency: I believe in providing meaningful 21st century access to public records and undoing recent Ohio legislation that is prohibiting the state auditor from auditing JobsOhio, the quasi-public economic development agency created by Kasich and using $100 million annually of leased public money, a highly questionable arrangement to begin with. I believe in having the state create open source software that would allow every size political subdivision offer online access to its revenues and expenses, and I believe in participatory budgeting that I would love to see piloted at the local level by electeds.


EMILY’s List
Women’s Campaign Fund

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