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Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan has been a reliable Senate vote for women’s healthcare, equal pay and veteran’s issues.

US Senate
North Carolina

Recommended by EMILY’s List.

It is hard to remember that just six years ago, North Carolina elected Democrat Kay Hagan to the Senate.  Since then, North Carolina’s politics have seen a major shift (which many credit to the influence of conservative  multi-millionaire activist Art Pope, who serves as the state’s own answer to the Koch Brothers).  Our friends at EMILY’s List report that Karl Rove’s superPAC, Crossroads GPS began running negative ads against her before the campaign even started — and that there are plenty of Tea Party Republicans aiming to take her seat.

This would be a shame — both for North Carolina and the country. Hagan is a voice of sanity in the crazy milieu of Congress: she is a reliable vote for women’s healthcare, equal pay, and veterans’ issues.

From her campaign website:

“The concerns and ideas she hears at home are reflected in Kay’s legislative priorities, which are focused on restoring a strong economy and fiscal responsibility. Kay has fought for legislation to increase lending for small businesses, close the skills gap, reduce the cost of college, ensure equal pay for women, and get our federal deficit under control. She was a leader in passing legislation to create incentives for small business to hire unemployed veterans and has led a group of moderate senators in advocating for common sense education reforms that will improve the quality of our schools.”


  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-Public Education


Recommended by EMILY’s List.

Women’s Campaign Fund


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