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Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu

UPDATE November 2013: Michelle Wu won her bid to join the Boston City Council.

City Councilor At-Large
Boston, MA

Michelle Wu is an attorney with a degree from Harvard Law and a first-generation American ready to give back to Boston, her home and the city she loves. She was inspired to run after working last year on Elizabeth Warren’s Senatorial campaign, where she coordinated outreach to the different constituencies who eventually elected Warren to the Senate.

From her campaign website:

Family has been the driving force in my life. I’m the oldest of four kids born to immigrant parents from Taiwan. Growing up, I watched my parents navigate language and cultural barriers while pursuing the American Dream. I worked hard, studied hard, and got into college at Harvard, where I fell in love with Boston. After graduation, I got a great job in the Financial District. But when my mother began to suffer from serious mental illness, I left my job in Boston and went to Chicago to take care of her and my younger sisters. While there, I started a small family business, a tea shop featuring weekly poetry readings and open mic nights. I was fortunate to come back to Boston for law school, bringing my mother and sisters with me.

Through my experiences as a former small business owner, legal advocate, and legal guardian, I have seen how city government has a direct impact on people’s lives. I have also worked in Boston City Hall and experienced the potential for city government to be responsive, innovative, and accessible. It is for these principles and for families around the city that I hope to serve. I look forward to speaking with you over the course of my campaign.


  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-Public Education
  • Pro-Environment
  • Pro-Voting Rights


EMILY’s List
MA Women’s Political Caucus
MA National Organization for Women

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