How Long Will it Be Until the Next “Viable Woman Presidential Candidate?”

Jun 3, 2008 by

I didn’t start out as a Hillary Clinton supporter.

John and Elizabeth Edwards were my presidential couple of choice.  In fact, when it became clear, lo’ those many years ago, that Hillary was crafting her White House strategy I said to anyone who would listen that she would never be able to be elected — partly because of her Clinton “baggage” and partly because I didn’t think this country was ready yet for a woman president.

Uttering those words felt like feminist treason.

But as someone who grew up in a rural community and who has lived in some fairly red areas, I had a bad feeling in my gut that America wasn’t ready.

It looks like I was right.

Many have argued that such a notion is nonsense,  After all, plenty of other countries have had women leaders, so surely it was time for the US to join those ranks.

But America lags in so many things that benefit women — reproductive rights, numbers of women involved in government (we’re behind plenty of countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Argentina just to name two), and maternity leave benefits— that I doubted whether we as a country possessed the basic amount of respect toward women that would be needed to put one in charge of the whole country.

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Elizabeth Edwards Backing Obama? Not So, Says Elizabeth

Feb 10, 2008 by

According to CNN’s political ticker, John Edwards met with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama recently on endorsements.  The article goes on to say that according to two friends of Elizabeth’s, she’s backing Obama.  Not surprising, really, since Hillary’s people threw a hissy when Elizabeth noted that she thought she had more joy in her life after she decided to stay home with her kids.

John Edwards has not formally endorsed anyone, but it would be interesting if the two of them disagreed on who to back.

UPDATE: After we posted this, Elizabeth Edwards commented that this information from CNN is not accurate.  She has not endorsed anyone.

Sorry, Elizabeth!  We hope that when you DO endorse someone, you’ll let us know!

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