The MOMocrats are throwing a “Tailgate for Choice,” and we’re inviting 
men and women who support reproductive rights Footballto shout it
 with your dollars on Super Bowl Sunday!

If you’re attending or hosting a Superbowl party when the Focus on the 
Family tv ad comes on, use it to prompt you to donate at least $5 online to your 
favorite pro-choice organization. (See the list and take the pledge after the jump.)

That way, right-wing 
religious fundamentalists interested in making their narrow values everyone 
else’s values will instead have spent $2.5 million on A GIANT PRO-CHOICE AD.

Even if you’re not at a Super Bowl party—or even if the ad gets pulled—on Sunday, February 7, 2010, make a donation to keep choice safe and 
accessible for women. ‘Cuz uteruses aren’t political footballs.

Here’s why we decided there’s a need for a million “Tailgate 
for Choice” parties around the country this coming Super Bowl Sunday:

•     Anti-choice Focus on the Family wants to toss a political stinkbomb into a 
cherished and apolitical American institution, at an all-ages family event. TMI: discussions about health care really belong between patient and doctor.

•     Focus on the Family (“SpongeBob Squarepants-hater” James Dobson’s 
anti-gay, mandatory procreation Christian fundamentalist group) 
espouses misguided, exclusionary values we don’t agree with.

•     Christian fundamentalist football player Tim Tebow has religious views that are extreme. Which would be fine if he simply played football.

•     CBS has shown a conservative slant in the kinds of advocacy 
advertising they’re willing to accept. Yes to anti-choice ads. No to ads that are pro-choice, pro-marriage 
equality, and ads critical of former president Bush.

We think choices are good. We believe women need the full range of 
options when taking care of their own health. We believe having no children at all is one of many 
choices many women have open to them. We trust women to make the 
decisions that are right for them.

You’ve signed the petitions against Focus on the Family and CBS’ 
slanted ad policies. Why leave it up to an indifferent corporation to 
determine whether you’re heard? Here’s an opportunity to yell your support for choice. Best of all, you can help organizations that keep 
women’s reproductive health accessible, private, and safe. We lift a dip-covered chip to the skies in your honor.

Join us at our MOMocrats Super Bowl Tailgate for Choice! If you’d like an emailed reminder on the day of, or would like to know what the MOMocrats have planned next, fill out the email form and you’ll get our occasional newsletter.

Take the pledge below in the comments and promise to donate at least $5 to one of the following worthy pro-choice groups on Super Bowl Sunday:

Guttmacher Institute



Planned Parenthood Great Northwest

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Planned Parenthood*

*try regional/local offices, such as the two above, if the main website is slow to process your donation