With Spring comes Spring break, and many of the MOMocrats took last week off so we could enjoy that time with our kids.

Karoli and I both embarked on college tours with our teenagers — an activity that is more urgent for Karoli, as her high school senior has already been accepted into some of California’s top universities, and they have a decision to make — one that is proving to be much tougher than expected, thanks to the continuing death spiral of a state budget focused on cutting services instead of raising revenue.

California’s public universities were free to all qualifying residents until a Governor named Reagan instituted tuition, and the state has been passing increasingly large bucks back to the public ever since. Tuition in California rose 21% last year alone, and more hikes are on the way. A UC education is now so expensive that parents are being advised to take out $100,000 in loans to pay for their kids’ undergraduate years.

This was one of the topics we discussed on this week’s fast-moving MOMochat podcast, which also touched on the absurdity of Newt Gingrich’s bounced check in Utah and everything that comes out of Allen West’s mouth, ALEC, and a host of other issues.