Kudos to our own PunditMom, Joanne Bamberger — who more than held her own as the lone progressive with Steve Doocey on this morning’s Fox and Friends.

The topic was yesterday’s old news about the misstatement of one Democratic pundit on CNN — but Fox and the rest of the GOP mouthpieces are trumpeting this thing to death. After all, what other ammunition do they have now that the country is starting to recognize the deeply anti-woman agenda of the Tea Party legislators elected in 2010? And what better way to distract American voters from the scarcity of good ideas on the Right than by flaming another battle of the media-hyped “Mommy Wars”?

Joanne will also be a guest on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show tomorrow on MSNBC , where we predict she won’t be interrupted before she finishes making her points.

Senator Kirsten GillibrandAnd we just got word that one of our favorite honorary MOMocrats has been booked on Sunday’s Meet the Press: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will be facing off against Minnesota Representative (and former Presidential candidate) Michele Bachmann. The topic: Women and the Economy.

This is an unusually rich number of women on these network and cable news shows. We’re glad that the producers have realized how dreadful it is to discuss women’s issues with a panel that doesn’t include any female members (thank you, Darrell Issa for taking the name of the House Oversight Committee to literally). But we make up over 50% of the population — why is it that news show book female guests only 13.5% of the time?

Something to think about as this latest “Year of the Woman” unfolds.