U.S. House of Representatives

Current Office: California’s 9th Congressional District

Running for: California’s 13th Congressional District

Primary: June 5, 2012

Rep. Barbara Lee has represented California’s 9th Congressional District since 1998 and is now running to represent California’s new 13th District, which encompasses Oakland and Berkeley. In 1990 Lee won a seat in the California Assembly. There she authored 67 bills that were signed into law. Most of these focusing on education, public safety, the environment, health, labor and employment.

In 1998 with 67% of the vote she was elected to represent California’s 9th Congressional District. She became one of the most familiar faces in Congress when, on September 15, 2001, she stood alone in casting the only vote against authorizing the use of military force in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy.

From her Website:

Amidst enormous pressure, Congresswoman Lee stood firm in casting her dissenting vote to granting President George W. Bush authority to start military actions – anywhere. For her action, Congresswoman Lee received worldwide attention as a peace leader.

Barbara Lee has proven to be an effective leader within the United States Congress, championing legislation to fight poverty, clean up our environment, eradicate HIV/AIDS, and bring universal healthcare to uninsured Americans.

In 2008, she was elected Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and also co-founded the Congressional Out of Poverty Caucus. Barbara is also a member and former Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus.

In recognition of her leadership, she has received hundreds of accolades throughout her career including the 2009 International Woman of Courage Award given by the U.S. State Department. In 2005, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize along with women from 150 countries as part of the international project, 1000 Women for Peace.

Barbara Lee no longer stands alone. 112 of her colleagues voted for her recent amendment to immediately and safely withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Sign Barbara Lee’s petition to end the war in Afghanistan.

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