DNC2012 Opening Night: Smashing Success for Dems, Supporters Lauded Speakers and Points

Last night garnered positive attention and reviews through social media for the Democrats and their opening night speakers. Overall, supporters enjoyed the solid adherence to key points of the party platform, a focus on moving forward, and what the President has brought and can bring, with little to no distraction of trash-talking opposition candidates and deviation into “MYOB DC” issues.

With a heavy focus on core Democrat values: education, health care reform, fair pay, job creation and security, energy, the environment and equal rights, the night was stocked with solid speakers and informative and inspiration speeches.

An overlooked strong performance: Lilly Ledbetter making the case that although she never received (or ever will receive) money for her case, her greater reward will be to see in her lifetime protection for fair pay for her daughters and grand-daughters. Don’t let this fair pay point and Ledbetter’s speech get overlooked and forgotten for some of the huge performances.

Ledbetter also, as did most of the speakers, make the case, in a huge answer to the question so many said Democrats failed to respond to, of how she is, in fact, better off now than four years ago.

In truth, despite my strong expectations, Kal Penn became the most forgettable speaker of the night. Perhaps he resonated more strongly with the generation after me. Here’s to hoping.

I though Maria Ciano was an intriguing addition to the line-up. Her points about changing to Democrat from Republican, and case against the War on Women made it clear the Democrats are strongly differentiating themselves on the women’s rights issue. Three speakers and addressing straight-on the War made the Democrats position in support of the military and need to end action while improving military support clear.

Kathleen Sebelius, as always solid, made a strong case for the existing and coming benefits of health care reform, especially for women.

The night built up well, ending with the key and strongest performances from beloved First lady Michelle Obama and rising Democrat superstar, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. Yes, San Antonio. The one in Texas. It’s a huge mystery how the three large cities in Texas all elected progressive, Democratic mayors yet the state continues to elect, well, um, who it elects.

Truth? I think it goes to the point that people realize Democrat policies are best directly for them and their immediate communities. I know experts will say it’s because cities host more educated and higher income white collar workers, but I call potentially false deductive reasoning on that. However, I don’t want to digress too far.

Here’s a snippet of some of the highlights from the superstars of opening night: San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and First Lady Michelle Obama.

This tweet fairly well sums up the majority response from Democrats on Twitter after a strong opening night launch:


what’s that noise? is it a .. LANDSLIDE! #Obama2012#DNC2012#SheVotes#p2#RomneyRyan2012 cya
via @bev rose

Supporters, me included, appreciated how the speeches focused more on what to do to move our nation forward in a good direction, and less on why we don’t like the other side, people who are different from us, and personal values that are different from those we opted to buy into.
RT @jpippert: “Gratitude and humility for what we have” yes, these are regular people’s basic values, well-represented at #DNC2012#shevotes
via @Jenni-Beck

When it came to the most popular speeches — both FLOTUS and San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro trended nationally on Twitter during their speeches — supporters were generous in their reactions:
How can u listen to Julian Castro’s speech at the DNC and NOT be moved? #TeamOBAMA – the dream still lives!

via @Jamie Foxx

I’m ready to vote NOW dammmit! Where’s the ballot? What day is it? Where am I? Who am I? Michelle OBAMA ladies & gentlemen. wow #DNC

via @Chris Rock

Julian Castro ‘s speech was really moving 🙂

via @Lorena

RT @tlrd: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Moving, Eloquent, DNC Speech on Progressive Values, Family: VIDEO tlrd.us/TlL6kn

via@ PMT

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro dazzles audience and the nation in ‘watershed’ speech at Democratic National Convention cmap.it/OYR6i0

via @CultureMap Houston

ELECTRIFYING! Michelle Obama Dazzleshuff.to/Tgd4zx via @HuffPostPol

via @Shirley Moulton

Excellent speeches by Michelle Obama, Julian Castro and Gov of Massachusettes at the DNC. Moving, inspiring yet classy.

via @Rosa Rai Djalal

Certain points from Castro’s speech strongly resonated with listeners:
‘My mother fought hard for civil rights so instead of a mop, I could hold this microphone’ – Julian Castro. What a moving speech

via @Carlos Aguilar

WOW Julián Castro. seriously BRILLIANT speech. I’m in tears. the “mop” metaphor was absolutely amazing.

via @Lynley Allen

Julian Castro gave a hell of a speech at the DNC tonight. “Instead of a mop he holds the microphone.” Strong words. #DNC

via @Angel Maldonado

“My mother fought for civil rights, so that instead of a mop, I can hold this microphone”–Julián Castro…very powerful speech.

via @Jeannette Castillo

“We know you can’t be pro business unless you’re pro education”- Julian Castro #DNC

via @Kerry Black

“you can’t be pro-business without being pro-education.” Julian Castro #DNC2012#msnbc2012

via @Maria Teresa Kumar

“We know that you can’t be pro-business unless you’re pro-education.” Julián Castro’s other great quote.

via @Maria

I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/5jx3m7jk1CY?aJulian Castro DNC Speech (COMPLETE): ‘It Starts With Education’

via @MJFredrick

RT @BOR: In last night’s big speech, Mayor Julian Castro reminded America that real Texans know how to lead: bit.ly/ORu6hr#txleg …

via @Katherine

RT @davidaxelrod: Julian Castro absolutely crushed it! A week later, America hears keynoter who inspired, instead of incited.

via @Mr. Green

RT @politico: San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro showed Tuesday why some Democrats are comparing him to the president: politi.co/OYJvQt

via @Danny Carroll

Julian Castro Mayor of San Antonio thank you for giving a great speech! Julian castro what a wonderful speech about your mother! Pt.1

via @Carlos Los Barriga

RT @msnbc: Mayor Julian Castro makes plea for Democratic ideals in rousing DNC speechleanforward.msnbc.com/_news…
“Opportunity today, prosperity tomorrow.” – Mayor Julian Castro speaks about moving America forward.#DNC2012
The First Lady had her fair share of quotable quotes:

Michelle Obama .. Officially the most quotable person in the twitterverse
Wow, Michelle Obama is saying all the right things. Everything is quotable!via
I want to be like Michelle Obama when I grow up.#dnc2012
“Being president doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are” —enorme Michelle Obama en #DNC2012(via @medri) // ¡Wow! #budo #fb
RT @briansikma: Michelle Obama has adopted the right tactic tonight. Humanize, personalize and ignore the serious issues. #dnc2012
Michelle Obama: “As President, all you have to guide you are your values, your vision, and the life experiences that make you who you are.”
Michelle Obama speech last night was EXCELLENT….it embodied working hard, helping others, define ur own success, family, values and LOVE
“… all you have to guide you are your values, and your vision, and the life experiences that make you who you are” – Michelle Obama. #DNC
Michelle Obama touches on it: Isn’t education the first step in bringing the American Dream to all?npr.org/2012/09/04/16057883…
Michelle Obama film — on vets and families: “One percent of country is serving to protect freedom of 99 percent.”
Moved by Michelle Obama’s speech last night – reflecting on the sacrifices that families make so their children’s lives can be better.
Are you in? Retweet and tell America you stand with President #Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.#Forward pic.twitter.com/IRvbds98
Are you in? What speech or points really resonated with you?

Author: Julie Pippert

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