Photo courtesy of Ilina Ewen.

You may have caught a great story about moms at the convention on Headline News over the last two days. On day one of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was fortunate enough to join Headline News anchor Kyra Phillips and CafeMom‘s Lindsay Ferrier as they co-moderated a panel of moms at the DNC. Moms Matter political blogger Ilina Ewen and California delegate Linnie Frank also joined us for a great talk on the issues most important to moms in this election.  We covered so many great topics: education, health care, immigration, race in America, the role of women in politics, military families and even whether Bill Clinton, with his philandering history, was the best representative of the Democratic party.

So much great stuff!  After the panel, we decided we need to take our show on the road. We don’t need more political town halls with politicians, we need them with moms.

You may have seen clips on HLN and CafeMom, but you can watch the whole panel below: