How can the lights go off halfway through the Super Bowl?

Here’s something EVERYONE can agree on no matter what party or if you’re even a football fan.

President Barack Obama watches the Super Bowl ...

President Barack Obama watches the Super Bowl in the White House Residence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our national power infrastructure is creaky and needs fixing. It’s finally time to invest in America, so future Super Bowls won’t have this problem.

Scientists say using wind, solar, and other kinds of energy, and making sure the way power gets distributed across the national grid efficiently is both necessary and urgent. I think the light bulb, so to speak, has gone on (by going off) for everybody worldwide who was watching the big game on February 3, 2103.

Luckily, President Obama has supported infrastructure investment ever since his first term.

Congress, please pass a bill that creates jobs for Americans, keeps our national grid functioning, and keeps the lights on for Super Bowls for generations of fans!

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