Just because we’ve been at Netroots Nation this week doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping up with the news. From guns to culture, to why women are running away in droves from the GOP: Here are the most interesting articles we’ve seen online over the last couple of days, curated for you by the MOMocrats.

Can the GOP Ever Win Back the Women’s Vote?

Uh, not according to Buffy Wicks, who ran Obama’s 2012 campaign outreach to women. Say goodbye to women voters, misogyny-filled GOP!

From the New York Times Blog: The Gun Report – A Day in the Life of Armed America

Should Ms. Magazine have gone ahead and published parts two and three of their series on the dangers of concealed carry (dangerous in that any yahoo can carry a gun concealed on them in many public places as the author of the series did to make a point)? Gun owners “doxxed” the writer, revealing her home address. -Cyn

Netroots Nation Report on Feminism and Gender from Marc Peters/Ripple of Hope

We were just a handful of the 3,000 activists attending NN13 in San Jose, CA this week. Here’s some rockin’ curation of the #nn13 #mansplaining panel. Have you been mansplained to lately? Shut that nonsense down.

We Are the 15 Percent

One of our favorite things this week was this crowd-sourced collection of portraits of inter-racial couples and families. Dear easily freaked out racist people who lost it over a Cheerios ad: peep this.