Whoever coined the term “mansplaining” is a genius. We’re hoping to see it on one of those “new word of the year” lists that get published annually.

Our adoration of Wendy Davis is unabated, leading some of her fans to show their admiration in unique ways… like finding her pink running shoes on Amazon and writing some pretty funny rave reviews. We may even use this “Filabuster” pun on our next iteration of Run, Mama Run to elect more women in 2012.

It’s just too bad that  Rick Perry feels the need to mansplain the abortion issue to Davis. Or that the GOP leadership — who are also trying to recruit more women candidates — seem incapable of recognizing their own patronizing attitudes:


And lest you think abortion is the only front in the War on Women: The matter of contraception covered by Obamacare — may not yet be settled either, as a Federal Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby today, saying that the mandate is a violation of the religious freedom of private companies. We’ll likely be hearing more about this next week.

Voting Rights

It was dismaying to hear that Wendy Davis’ seat may be in danger, thanks to redistricting that can now take effect since the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act — which is bound to make our job even tougher in 2014. So we found hope in the calculation that we could overcome these obstacles with just an 8% increase in turnout on our side.  And a spate of new voter ID laws made legal by this very political Supreme Court might be just the fuel to motivate Democrats who are sick and tired of the way the GOP games the system.

In the meantime: brace yourself for a return to the era of Jim Crow. It may not be as blatant as this Louisiana “literacy test” from 1960, but the innocent and neutral-sounding voter ID laws of the 21st century are every bit an attempt to limit likely Democrats from going to the polls. (And the Republicans admit it.)

Climate Change

Almost lost in the hubbub this week: POTUS’ speech on executive orders to reduce global warming. It was so good, Al Gore said it was the best climate speech by “any president ever.” SO glad we don’t have fossil fuels-loving Romney in the White House! In the meantime, IMF head Christine LaGarde wants you to know that climate change is going to help the economy by creating jobs (uh, after it causes a whole lot of heartache and disaster for everyone).

Immigration Reform

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill that’s actually not too bad. It includes several pathways for citizenship to ease the backlog of those waiting and for undocumented people who want to pursue citizenship. Will the House follow suit? All eyes are on John Boehner (those who can stand to watch him, that is).

Tammy Duckworth

Some of the most riveting video this week (aside from the Wendy Davis filibuster) is of Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth dressing down a “disabled vet” businessman who somehow didn’t serve and maybe had a twisted ankle once. WTF, right?