We’ll get to Paul Ryan’s weird and somewhat disturbing TwitPic in a bit on today’s political news roundup. But first:

Rick Perry really, really, wants that abortion bill. The new special session began today, and MOMocrats is running the Texas Tribune’s live feed of the state Senate here.

Wendy Davis cemented her position as Democratic women’s new hero by appearing on three Sunday morning talk shows. She says Perry likes his government big and intrusive when it comes to women’s bodies.

Join the @MOMocrats in dissing Perry for trying to eliminate reproductive health care for all Texas women. Wendy Davis and repro rights activists handed Perry a big loss last week. Let’s smack them down again! Sign the MOMocrats petition and flood Governor Perry’s social media channels. Tell #TXlege: don’t mess with Texas women!

Maybe Texas women who value their reproductive rights should go all Lysistrata on their partners who support the conservative majority.

Other Fronts in the War on Women

Ohio’s new budget slashes funding for Planned Parenthood, but not bogus “crisis pregnancy centers. Slate’s Amanda Marcotte charges that it simultaneously makes it harder to prevent a pregnancy, harder to terminate one and harder for a single mother to keep her baby once it’s been born. And the new rules could wind up de-funding rape crisis centers, too.

If 20 years of sexist attacks don’t do the trick, try ageism instead: The playbook against a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

Climate Change

Former VP Al Gore liked President Obama’s recent climate/energy speech. MoJo points out key ways it could be even better.

Bread and Butter Issues

I don’t know about you, but I do not resent food stamp recipients using their allotment to buy a cake for a child’s birthday or the stuff for a Christmas dinner. But a lot of other people do.

Healthcare Reform

If at first you can’t repeal a health care law, try to ensure the public never learns the law’s benefits. When HHS asked the nation’s sports leagues to participate in a public awareness campaign about the benefits of Obamacare, the Senate GOP sent them a letter telling them it would ruin their reputations. AND THE NFL HAS HEEDED THE GOP’s WARNING. No word yet on the NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA or NASCAR.

 Immigration Reform

Why are some lefty immigration reform advocates angry about the latest version of the immigration bill? Is it because people waiting for years for family reunification reasons get their whole wait time wiped out under proposed new rules?

More Fall-out from SCOTUS

According to The Hill, the Democratic caucus isn’t wasting time on creating on a new formula for section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. They began work on it over the weekend and they’ve reached out to some interesting allies on the Republican side of the aisle: would you believe Eric Cantor?

While we were watching the news of happy couples getting married in San Francisco, the end of DOMA has also enabled a gay, married immigrant to obtain a green card.

In the meantime, Paul Ryan tweeted this:

Which prompted a whole lot of THIS:

(Please accept our apologies for the multiple images of Paul Ryan kissing that fish. It’s now burned in our brains…)

This is not the first time Paul Ryan has been associated with fishes, as you can see from this tweet from last year: