We’re still savoring our Fourth of July leftovers: grilled veggies and meats… and news items we weren’t able to get to until now…

… Like this Ms. Magazine blog post commemorating the century that has passed since women in New York launched their suffrage campaign. The right to vote did not come easily, and as we have learned over the last ten days, it can be eroded and even lost in an instant — so it must be cherished. And exercised regularly. Because we still have a long way to go before we attain full equality.

Or this Frederick Douglass speech, which should be mandatory reading for every single member of the Roberts Court who voted to gut section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. (Especially YOU, Justice Thomas, if we do say so ourselves.)

Did you have fun celebrating Independence Day? Then you’re doing it wrong, according to the Tea Party Patriots.

While the Republicans are high-fiving themselves on obstructing Obamacare, some on our side think the employer mandate delay shows the Administration doubling down. Here’s why.

And then there’s all that stealth legislation occurring around the states. The law that bans sharia law in North Carolina also guarantees the theocrats in our own country will micromanage a woman’s right to choose. Robin Marty of RH Reality Check breaks it down.

And abortion is not the only issue that’s being legislated via sneaky means. In Illinois, the governor cleverly used his veto powers to try to strengthen a concealed carry law in his state, saying that restrictions on guns in businesses where alcohol is sold are necessary and the bill needs a one-gun limit. It remains to be seen if Democrats in the state will join with NRA-backed Republicans to overrride the governor’s veto.

Let it never be said young people are too young to do important things: Oregon students conducted a research project for tuition-free colleges. And one year later, the state legislature adopted their plan. It seems to us that’s a policy that can be adapted nationally. Why not provide a high-quality, free public university education to all who qualify and let them graduate debt-free?  Now that’s our idea of Independence.

Does someone you know suffer from WDD (White Delusional Disorder)? Check the symptoms here and have them take a bite of the reality sandwich.

Did you miss our special SCOTUS decision show last week? We reprised it on Wednesday as we prepared to celebrate our country’s birth and renew our commitment to protecting and extending the universal rights and liberties described in the Declaration of Independence and in the US Constitution. What a contrast it is to the attack on women’s rights we’ve seen in three states in the past ten days alone.

And spend the rest of your weekend in the pursuit of happiness!