Yep, the Koch-funded illegal nonprofit, Americans for Prosperity, has launched a new anti-Obamacare ad. Let’s see, it’s July 9th. They’re only 6 days earlier than they were in 2010 with their crap lies about the Affordable Care Act, possibly a new record.

This one is intended to stir up the unruly masses while also discouraging people — particularly young people — from signing up for individual policies on October 1st, using the false claim that premiums will go up.

This is a lie, but lies are to be expected from the likes of AFP and their astroturf army.

Here’s an example of what it will look like, at least in California. This is taken from a real-life situation, though I’ve switched up ages and other details for privacy reasons.

Currently, an over-55 but not yet eligible for Medicare head of household has insurance through a soon-to-be former employer. I say former because the employer has laid off many employees due to issues around the sequester. Her employer-paid insurance covers her, her spouse, and two kids. One of the kids is 24 and just out of college with a job that does not have health insurance. The other one is a college student.

COBRA premiums for this group of 4 people, assuming she switches coverage to the least expensive option which includes a $10,000 deductible and limited drug coverage will be $1,000 per month.

I suggested she download and complete the application for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, with the plan of applying online on October 1st with an effective date of January 1, 2014. Since the oldest offspring will not be considered a dependent for tax purposes on January 1, 2014, I recommended that she also fill out the application and check the rates for California to plan for getting her own coverage.

My friend, her spouse, and their college-age child will have coverage at the Silver Level under the Affordable Care Act, as opposed to the current high-deductible catastrophe-only coverage under COBRA. Their premium at the new income level, post-unemployment, will be between $156-$306 per month (the range changes based on high-low income estimates for 2014). Their oldest child will be eligible for the Medicaid expansion at her current pay rate. If her income increases, she will owe approximately $125 per month for full coverage including treatment for a pre-existing chronic condition which requires several fairly expensive medications.

From $1,000 per month to somewhere between $150-$300 for the over-55 year old, and $0 for the young woman just beginning her career.

Tell me more about how expensive it’s going to be, AFP. Please. With details.

 Californians can check rates here. For other state information, go here. You can download a paper application to fill out and have ready for online enrollment here.
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