Stand With Texas Women

What Would Ann Richards Do?
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We are fighting the War on Women 2.0 on multiple fronts, as state and Federal legislation limiting women’s access to reproductive rights continues to escalate.

Texas opened its latest special session to pass Rick Perry’s pet abortion bill yesterday. Testimony included “If My Vagina Was a Gun,” a poem by Jessica Luther.

As Steve Benen pointed out on Rachel Maddow’s blog:

“In Texas, Republican policymakers believe women’s choices should be heavily regulated, but chemical plants that explode should not be regulated at all.There’s something wrong with this picture.”

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a judge blocked implementation of a draconian new TRAP law restricting clinics from performing abortions and demands greater scrutiny of the law’s constitutionality.

This is in addition to the continuing war on Obamacare. Once SCOTUS deemed the Affordable Care Act constitutional, the Right moved back to its usual strategy of throwing roadblocks into implementation. And yesterday, the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity unleashed a new ad campaign designed to discourage young people from signing up for the health insurance exchanges.

As Michael Tomasky writes in the Daily Beast:

“In any case, this is all the GOP has. They have tried to beat Obama on every front, from the economy to terrorism to the environment to the recent “scandals” to the question of his very legitimacy as president. They’ve lost most of these fights, drawn the occasional draw simply by benefiting from a constitutional system that provides for so many veto points, and never won a single one, really. Even the 2011 debt-ceiling fight, their only arguable “win,” was a loss for them because while Obama lost standing, the Republicans in Congress lost more standing. And, of course, they lost the big fight, the world-historical state versus anti-state fight—the one over Obamacare.”

All we want to say on this subject is: Who’re ya gonna believe on Obamacare, your retiree mom or some Koch sock puppet? Listen to the folks at AARP. Obamacare is a good thing. Sign up

One meme going around Republican circles is that President Obama oversold the catastrophic effects of the sequester. That’s only true if the budget cuts don’t harm you. Remember how loudly Congress howled when cuts to air traffic controllers affected THEIR ability to fly back to their districts? And some of them are still squawking about the elimination of White House tours.

But the sequester’s effects truly are catastrophic for some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens: children who are losing their Head Start program.

This week is already shaping up to be an interesting one for politicians: Rick Perry announced he will not seek another term as Texas Governor. And Elliot Spitzer has decided he’s been exiled from politics long enough: he’s running for New York city’s comptroller. Can we agree that bankstas who robbed the American people are bigger whores than any Spitzer may have slept with?