Remember all those remarks last year accusing Barack Obama of being the “Food Stamp President”? The GOP has a hazy relationship with facts: the largest expansion of the food stamp program occurred under the administration of George W. Bush… and this year, the number of families depending upon SNAP is actually declining.

That doesn’t mean the program should be eliminated altogether, as the Republicans in the House seem to want. The economy is improving and job creation is happening, but too many of those are low wage positions that are expanding our numbers of working poor. The helpful folks at McDonald’s have come to the rescue, by creating a budget for their employees. It assumes they take on a second job, and don’t need to pay for heat, food, or transportation (which those people surely need in order to get to that second job).

How has slashing family planning funds worked out for Texas? The state expects an extra 24,000 unplanned births next year — which will cost Texas taxpayers an additional $273 million in Medicaid payments. Expect that figure to rise after Rick Perry signs that abortion bill into law.

And just in case you needed a reminder of why back alley abortions & coat hangers aren’t funny — Erick Erickson cracks the unfunniest joke in the world.

Harry Reid made yet another deal with Senate Republicans last night, only this time he got what he wanted: an agreement to allow seven Obama nominees to be confirmed. And with the threat of a silent filibuster gone, Richard Cordray, who was nominated two years ago to head the Consumer Finance Protection Agency, got the nod.

Look, someone else thinks The Club For Growth is “a cancer on the Republican Party” — it’s centrist Republicans, not just Democrats.  Good, now vote accordingly.

And lest you think we give Democrats a free pass: We would like to help San Diego’s piggish Mayor, Bob Filner find the door. He told female staffers they should work minus underwear. Help us kick this dinosaur to the curb! If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, get ready to activate!

And finally:

Kids respond to that Cheerios video. Know what? Hang on to that sweetness & light. We need more of it, and you, in the world.