Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder, the top law enforcement official in the US, had to have “the talk” with his sons about how not to get killed while simply Walking Around While Black. Mull that.

And here it begins: three women’s health clinics (that also provide abortions) close in Texas.

Virginians: Your Republican party can’t be serious about this guy for Governor — can they? But as head scratching as the Virginia GOP has been recently, today’s WTF moment goes to Utah, where state Senator (and Donny and Marie nephew) Aaron Osmond advocates the complete elimination of mandatory education for children.

More GOP news as newly minted Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney makes herself useful — by putting personal ambition above avoiding splitting the  ticket there. That’s not really a chuckle you heard from us as we sit back to watch the anticipated the fireworks.

Two more Obama nominees were confirmed today: Thomas Perez is the new Secretary of Labor and Gina McCarthy at the EPA.

It’s Back to School shopping time — and it’s a good bet that fewer of us are buying our kids’ wardrobes at Sears. How did the venerable chain of department stores fall so quickly? Some blame may go to its CEO and his Ayn Randian management style.