Here’s today’s scoop from the MOMocrats’ Facebook page:

Remember last year’s Republican primary debates, when audiences applauded the notion of executions and people who can’t afford to pay their medical bills? It looks like the same crowd was in Tennessee as GOP Congressman Scott “Family Values” DesJarlais (who counseled his ex-wife & former patient/mistress to get abortions) told an 11-year old girl her undocumented father will just have to be deported — and the audience cheered.

Moral Mondays continue in North Carolina with this MUST SEE video: Voters won’t stand for partisan meddling in polling sites that cage and throttle the vote! The right to vote is sacred! Is this happening behind closed doors in your community? Poke around and find out!

How’s that minority outreach plan going for the RNC? Not so well.

Let your sister/mom/aunt/cousin who’s a nurse tell you the real deal about saving money and Obamacare. It’s good stuff!

Jared Bernstein has a few things to say about the idea that only the free market can foster innovation:

“Many innovations that turned out to be economically important in the U.S. have government fingerprints all over them. From machine tools, to railroads, transistors, radar, lasers, computing, the internet, GPS, fracking, biotech, nanotech — from the days of the Revolutionary War to today — the federal government has supported innovation often well before private capital would risk the investment.”

Weaponized philanthropy” makes inequality worse. Look at the examples cited: the Kochs, Art Pope of NC, and Bill Gates. All of whom seek to privatize public education, including higher education.