By Meghan Shuster Harvey.

Ok, so in my work life I am both an advocate for girls and part of a program that teaches positive parenting skills, and in my home life I’m a mom of a young girl AND part of the generation of girls who first saw Madonna crawl across the stage in a wedding gown singing Like a Virgin across the VMA stage when I was the same age as my son.

Here are my thoughts on Miley Cyrus:
1. Female Empowerment is changing the symbolism of “marriage” and making virginity somehow sound sexier than hell. It is planting the seed in the minds of girls that WE control our sexuality and can say NO or YES. We control our lives and our bodies. THAT friends was Madonna’s message. Watch any interview or book with her. And also, Madonna NEVER strayed from who she was from day one. Was her performance provocative? Yes. Was it a surprise? Please… she was MADONNA, of course not.

2. Latex bikinis, teddy bears, foam fingers and grabbing your crotch is never sexy and holy hell, it’s never empowering. In fact if anything it’s the EXACT opposite of empowerment…

3. If you CHOOSE to be a Disney Role Model with backpacks, and lunch boxes and a TV show aimed at girls MY DAUGHTERS AGE, you damn well better back that shit up girlfriend. I did not ask you to appeal to my kid, you jumped in there with two feet. So don’t act like a tortured artist now who needs to twerk and dry hump foam fingers to liberate yourself on national television.


4. Go back to your ranch, put on some clothes and hang out with your Grandma sweetpea. And I don’t mean that sarcastically, I mean it very very literally. Go home Miley. Hang out, drink milkshakes, talk to boys and find yourself. Because you’re not going to find yourself with Robin Thicke on a Brooklyn stage. I promise you.