Let’s hear it for Wendy Davis: She just won her lawsuit against the racist redistricting plan launched by the GOP that would’ve disenfranchised voters. One step closer to Texas Governor? Let’s make it so!

In more election news: Now that President Obama is advocating for an attack on Syria, Liz “I Never Met a Mideast Conflict I Didn’t Want to Bomb” Cheney has given herself an isolationist makeover, in the interest of attracting Oklahoma Tea Party Republicans to her Senate campaign.

Cheney’s campaign isn’t going so well, but the Daily Beast this week profiled nine anti-choice GOP women they claim are “remaking the right.” Basically, the vote like right-wing men.

Earlier this week, we mentioned some unusual tweeting from Matt Drudge, who asked “Why would anyone vote Republican?” Bob Cesca also noted it, and commented on the weird confluence of attitudes on the extreme flanks of both the right and the left:

As the far-right and the far-left grow increasingly pissy about their respective stations, and, more importantly, the fact that the two major parties are rightfully taking them less seriously by the day, these two seemingly disparate factions are converging under the banner of libertarianism. Strange given how libertarianism has been historically associated with the far-right, but these groups, having moved so far to the extremities of the political spectrum, have clearly found enough common ground to join forces.

And at the same time, the GOP continues to purge itself of its own leaders, as it careens ever more to the right. We enjoyed reading this report in Slate, despite the pro-GOP stance of the reporter. The fun is the image of the fight between the Ohio Tea Party and the Republican establishment.


Teapublican Congressman Stephen Fincher of TN believes it’s wrong to renew SNAP benefits for poor people. But he has no problem with continuing to receive millions of dollars in subsidies for his farm.

The Environment

Cynematic says it usually takes her 18 months to fully figure out Naomi Klein’s brilliance. She takes on Big Green here — why they’ve failed to take real steps to end climate change. The key seems to be real hyperlocal solutions and not abstract carbon offsets.


In which Michelle “Dolores Umbridge” Rhee came to Los Angeles. And we all yawned.