The so called "liberal media" didn't go near me.

The so called “liberal media” didn’t go near me.

Gun nuts, Teapublicans, and dim witted paranoids look at moms like me and angrily accuse us of being out of touch with reality.  They laugh at me and dismiss me as a naïve, tree hugging liberal who is asking for trouble because I don’t own a gun and I put myself out there as a voice for common sense gun legislation.  To them, “common sense gun legislation” means I want the government to take their precious guns away. 

Since gun nuts, Teapublicans and dim witted paranoids are incapable of deep thought, critical analysis, or even common sense (buying your child a gun which he later points at his baby sister and then pulls the trigger, causing her death, is not a horrible tragedy that warrants public sympathy – it’s STUPID and the parents should go to jail), I have broken down my argument into bite size chunks, with bullet points, so that gun nuts, Teapublicans and dim witted paranoids can digest them better, but I doubt it.  Dim wits don’t read blogs like this.  I’m probably preaching to the choir.  Again.

Here are eleven reasons why I think we need stricter gun laws:

  • Guns kept in the home are far more likely to be used against someone living in the home than any bad guy trying to break into the home.  That’s a fact.
  • Tourists with guns in national parks is a disaster waiting to happen.  A little girl who was sent on a camping trip with friends was shot dead a few days ago. That’s horrible.
  • Making laws to keep criminals from getting guns because criminals don’t follow laws is a ridiculous argument.  It’s very easy for criminals to get a hold of guns because the laws are too loose.  Dumb logic.
  • “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” – again…..ridiculous.  Lunatics who go on killing sprees could do far less damage with a butcher knife.  Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous.
  • Iowa letting blind people buy and carry weapons so as not to discriminate against the disabled? That’s INSANE!
  • The whole “well regulated militia” thing in the second amendment does not mean that every man should be ready to go up against the government.  The arrogance and misinterpretation of this amendment is too absurd to be taken seriously but nevertheless it’s a popular argument.  Wanna be Rambos are no match for the government, if the government actually showed up on Rambo’s doorstep to blow him away.
  • Blaming all of the recent school shootings on the mentally ill is a half assed attempt to scapegoat the shooters, diverting public attention from gun legislation as a public health issue to the mentally ill.  We need stricter gun laws so that the mentally ill can’t get their hands on weapons!  Duh!
  • More guns make us safer is bullshit.  We have more guns than we do people in this country.  If there was any truth to that argument, 282 people per day would NOT get shot.  The fact is, 282 people get shot every day in this country.  86 of them die.
  • “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  Wrong.  The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, or a stupid guy with a gun, is a good guy with the power to write legislation.
  • The NRA is a lobbying organization.  It does not represent the interests of law abiding gun owners.  Politicians are scared of the NRA and the gun nuts (not because they’re afraid any of them will shoot them, but because they care more about their political careers than they do about public safety).  Despicable.
  • Nobody needs an AK-47.  That’s a killing machine made for war.  It’s only purpose is to kill as many people as possible as fast as possible.  Nobody needs that style of weapon for self defense.  They should be outlawed. 

So there you go.  Eleven good reasons why we need common sense gun legislation, written in everyday language so that an idiot can understand them.  But alas, if an idiot actually did read this, they’d accuse me of being the idiot.  And so it goes.