One of the most heartbreaking cases of injustice I’ve ever heard was recently brought to my attention. It’s a  story of a mother who refused to sit idly by while corruption occurred at a prestigious NYC private school and about the ultimate price she paid for daring to come forward in an attempt to end the fraud and greed going on behind the scenes. It’s important to share this story in an effort to illustrate the unscrupulous depths to which those with power will stoop in order to avoid the tarnishing of their own reputations. In 2011, Seema Kalia reported the law firm Wachtell Lipton for the mismanagement of the tax exempt status of the Trinity School, a New York City private school that has been around for centuries. In response, Wachtell Lipton published a “slam piece” online about Ms. Kalia in an attempt to distract the public and the Trinity School community  from shady tax documents. Imagine Kalia’s surprise and dismay when, during her divorce proceedings a year later, new opposing counsel is brought in on her case and informs her that she will not see her kids again if she refuses to recant her prior incriminating statements about the law firm. Approximately a week later, Kalia’s children were removed from her home on the basis of an undated custody order from a hearing she was never told of. It’s been nearly a year that Seema Kalia has been without her children.

seema and daughter

Can you even imagine the agony of this mother and child as they say goodbye for who knows how long?

Soon after she lost custody of her kids, Kalia met with Federal Treasury agents in New York. The agents began an investigation, and arrests for retaliation, witness intimidation and other charges were made. However, what seems to be holding up the safe return of her children to their mother is the official announcement from the Department of Justice regarding the arrests. After 10 months, Seema is still waiting. Without this announcement, a new judge will not be appointed to the case, and the Justice Department will maintain the status quo. The fact that this mother has lost physical custody of her kids as a means of retaliation by a corrupt law firm is an atrocity. It’s also a violation of their International Human Rights, among other laws. It seems that Kalia’s case is currently being managed by Brendan McGuire of the Southern District of New York’s Public Corruption Unit.  According to Seema Kalia, Mr. McGuire has thus far “ignored dozens of letters” and “been stonewalling” her attempts toward resolution of this case and the return of her children.

As a mother myself and a staunch advocate for speaking out against injustice or corruption of any kind, I cannot even fathom what this woman is going through. Kalia, an avid user of social media, spent many months in silent agony, not sharing her struggle publicly or with any of her friends. It was her hope that by being cooperative and not bringing additional attention to the unethical and despicable actions of Wachtell Lipton and the other power players involved in the essential abduction of her children, she may soon see them again. After enduring 10 months of unimaginable disappointment, heartache and fear, it is time for Seema Kalia’s story, and those of her beautiful children, to be heard. Please pass this information along to your social circles and anyone you know who may be able to assist in seeing an end to the misery this mother is going through. In the voices of many, there is power. Let’s work together to ensure justice is served and right is done. How can we sit back and do nothing in the face of one of the most despicable means of ruthless retaliation occurs – the use of children as pawns.

Seema Kalia’s story is being shared across the web. This article includes links to official court documents lending credence to Kalia’s accusations, as well as information regarding scandals involving key players in the case.