Spike Dolomite Ward is an artist, humorist, activist, and loud mouth liberal mom living in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Her passions are affordable health care for everybody, public education, the arts, common sense gun legislation, and calling out Republicans.
The Republicans just tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the forty second time. They want to shut down the government because they’re not getting their way. Again.

The Koch Brothers are putting money into campaigns to trick college kids into believing that refusing to purchase health insurance is patriotic.

Red states are refusing to expand Medicaid and forbidding navigators to explain the new law to confused citizens.

On a local level, Republicans are conducting seminars for small business owners, perpetuating the myths, while local insurance reps use these opportunities to drum up more business for themselves (don’t go with government run health care, go with ME!)

And the average Joe has no idea what the hell is going on. All they know is that they’re not supposed to like Obamacare.

The simple facts are that the state exchanges open in nine days. October first is the first day that those of us who are self employed, or have been denied insurance due to a pre-existing condition, or work for a very small business who has not been abole to afford to purchase insurance for its employees, or are unemployed and their COBRA has run out, can call the state exchanges to start learning about what is available to them. If they want to purchase a plan on the state exchange, their coverage will start in January. This date has nothing to do with the rest of America. If you are already insured through your employer, nothing will change. If you have been buying your own insurance on the individual market and want to keep it, go ahead. If you are on Medicare or Medicaid, everything remains the same.

But if you listen to the Republicans, the sky is going to fall.

Those of us who are paying attention shake our heads and wonder how things could have gotten this far. Their shenanigans are so ludicrous that a reasonable person would never take them seriously. The Teapublicans believe their own BS and not only believe that the sky will fall on October 1st, but that Jesus has directed it. All of this is happening while the average person pays no attention at all.

Everything is going to change when the average person starts feeling the benefits of Obamacare. Once they discover that they have more money in their pockets, they’ll like that. When they learn that they will be able to go for mammograms and screenings and not be charged anything, they will go for those mammograms and screenings. When those who have been dreaming about starting their own businesses but never dared try because they’re afraid to leave their crummy jobs with the health insurance, or because someone in their family has a pre-existing condition thus making them ineligible for health insurance on the individual market, they’ll quit those crummy jobs and strike out on their own. Americans are going to be happier, healthier, and less in debt.

When people start waking up, they’re going be very upset with the Republicans if they try and repeal Obamacare for the forty third time. They’re going to be very upset when they realize how much they have been lied to. After they feel the effects that Obamacare will have on their individual lives, they will pause to question the whole idea of the free market, for-profit health care system and they will come to understand that they have been sold a big bag of bullshit. When all of this happens, they will begin to understand how a single payer health care system works, and they are going to want it.

The sky is falling, but it’s going to fall on the Republicans and the billion dollar health insurance companies who are responsible for so much heart ache, bankruptcy, sickness, and death.


Spike Dolomite Ward is benefiting from the Affordable Care Act now. Her life was saved by the PCIP program, one of the first Affordable Care Act programs that went into effect, an insurance program for people with pre-existing conditions. She received life saving cancer treatment and has since become an advocate for Obamacare. Her painting, “Billion Dollar Profits ” will be on display at the Folk Tree in Pasadena, California from September 28 to November 3. See the piece and read the Eulogy to the Health Insurance Companies and Sleazy Republicans here.

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