Arrogant, ignorant, self centered, lazy people defending their arrogance, ignorance, and selfishness. Only in America.

I had to stay off of Facebook yesterday because I couldn’t bear to read the stupid posts by people who know nothing about the Affordable Care Act, how our economy runs, how a bill becomes a law and then once a bill becomes a law you can’t shut down the government and “negotiate” it because you don’t like it, the differences between the legislative and executive branches of government, or even who their own congress members are, but they think they do, because Fox News and Rush Limbaugh make them feel like they do. I had a hang over yesterday from ranting at Republicans all day on Facebook . On October 1, the first day of the government shut down and the first day that the state exchanges were open for business. I got unfriended by a couple of people. Were they Republicans and I insulted them? Or were they “apolitical” people or smug moderates who just want to look at posts about food and cats?

I’m on Facebook to learn stuff. And to laugh. I really appreciate an off colored meme. One or two of those a day charges my middle aged mojo.

I don’t care about what you had for lunch today, and I’m not interested in looking at your latest “selfie”. Picture of a cat or dog? Unless it has a really clever caption, I don’t care.

If you’ve posted a link to an informative, accurate article about subjects that I’m interested in, I’m clicking on that. If you’re sharing links of websites about the new health care law or progressive women running for office, I’m definitely going to stop to check those out. And, if you post something really hilarious, I’m going to love that and thank you for being my friend.

But if you quote Fox News, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, or Donald Trump, I’m going to think you’re a fool. If you get into a comments battle on anything I have posted and include links to Fox News segments, I’m going to think you are a really big fool. You should think twice before jumping into an intelligent debate with well informed people. If you insult my real friends and rant about socialism and tyranny, I’m going to delete your stupid post. If you keep doing it, off with your head – you’re unfriended.

Facebook is an interesting place. It’s where vanity meets shallowness, ignorance meets more ignorance, and pets meet food. In between these ridiculous posts, I’ll find a nugget of truth or a smart comment. On some days, I get really lucky and get to enjoy a belly laugh brought on by a really funny meme or comment. It’s worth it to have to scroll through the BS to get to the social media jewels.

But on days like Tuesday, when arrogant, ignorant Americans let their stupidity hang out, empowered by their own egos and Fox News, I get scared and I have to back off for a bit. I hate being reminded of how gullible people are. I get angry, not so much at the individual who repeats the lies and paranoia, but at those who have started the lies and paranoia, the media that perpetuates the lies and paranoia, and our self centered, lazy culture, where so many believe that they, and America, are the center of the Universe.

I have recovered from my day of ranting at Republicans. It’s a new day. Time to get back in the saddle and rant some more.