0rest of the flock

Just a few stories of Gun Nuts Gone Wild in the past two weeks:

A slow moving, overweight older man is caught on surveillance camera at a restaurant in North Carolina at the cashier’s counter when his gun fell out of his pocket and on to the floor.  He picked it up and acted like nothing happened.  He’s a good guy with a gun, quick to draw in case a damsel in distress might need him, or if the government showed up while he was eating to do God knows what, or if a terrorist tried to bomb the restaurant, or if a suspicious black guy wearing a hoodie walked in.  He’s on the lookout and ready at all times, because Glenn Beck told him he needed to be.  He may think he’s ready at all times, but if you’ve seen the video, you’d know he’s not. He’s not qualified to carry a gun. He could end up shooting somebody by accident, if he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot first.  He’s dangerous.  Those of us who have been screaming out for common sense gun legislation are talking to you.

In Pennsylvania, a two month old baby was accidentally shot and killed by a family member.  Since America values guns over its own children, people feel sorry for the shooter and see the shooter as a victim who has suffered enough already and should therefore be spared prosecution or public criticism.  We’re talking to you, shooter.  You are responsible for killing that baby and you should be held accountable.

In Michigan, a man at Home Depot grabbed his gun instead of his wallet, shooting himself in the butt.  Since he didn’t hurt anybody else and only shot himself in the ass, making an ass out himself and all other wanna be Rambos, we say “Good.  You’re an idiot.”  We’re talking to you.

A lunatic in Alabama took a newborn baby, laid him on the floor, flanked him with rifles, laid a pistol on the baby’s stomach, and then took a picture.   Child Protective Services should have been summoned immediately.  That baby is in danger and needs to be removed from the home.  The Alabama lunatic should be prosecuted for criminal negligence.  We’re talking to you.

In Arizona, a woman thought her car was being burglarized and accidentally shot her husband, twice, after he used her carTheir three kids were in the house.  Women who accidentally shoot their husbands, we’re talking to you. 

A photo was released from the Newtown shooter’s house of a toddler sucking on a gun, sitting on a floor with guns and artillery behind and all around him.  There’s nobody to talk to because they’re dead, and besides, we’re speechless.

Claire Davis, the student who was shot at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, has died.  We’re talking to the bought and paid for Congress who has failed to act since Sandy Hook.  We’re talking to Claire and her family, too, and promise that her death will not be in vain.  Those of us with a conscience and a desire to protect kids before guns will not give up this fight.

Also in Colorado, a stepfather accidentally shot his step daughter while she tried to sneak back in the house in the middle of the night.  Florida has “Stand Your Ground” and Colorado has “Make my Day” – people can shoot first and ask questions later (or not at all).  To everybody who has shot first and asked questions later, we’re talking to you.

To all of the paranoid survivalists who watch Fox News: You selfishly take advantage of your so called American freedoms without ever really understanding what they mean.  You have made a mockery of our country.  We look like a nation of under educated, paranoid, grandiose, spoiled, out of touch, STUPID, self centered yahoos.  Your delusions of grandeur and your wild west anti-government mentality make you dangerous.  We are talking to you.

To all of the parents who gave their kids guns for Christmas and posted photos on the internet, what is the matter with you?  We’re talking to you.

To all of the people who plan on posting a threatening comment here or sending me an email to bully, scare or intimidate me after reading this, nobody is talking to you.  We’re not talking to you because there is no talking to you.

Those of us who want stricter laws do not want to take all guns away.  We know that many gun owners share our same thoughts and concerns.  We need you to jump in here.  If you are one of the millions of NRA members who think that background checks are a good idea and that an AK-47 in every home is a bad idea, we need your help.  If you have failed to speak up, you are actually part of the problem.  You may be responsible gun owners, but you’re irresponsible with your thoughts and words.  Your real freedom is not in how many guns you own, but in how you respond to this injustice.  Will you speak up?