The following is a guest post submitted by fellow mom and Democrat Josephine Moore, New York Democratic Delegate for Bernie Sanders, who was also our original source for our post about the assault that occurred at a New York State delegate meeting earlier this week. She has two kids, a daughter who is five and a son who is three. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of MOMocrats.

I registered as a Democrat on my 18th birthday and remained a Democrat until a couple of years ago, when I switched to the Green Party after getting tired of watching the Democrats turn their backs on progressive values. I switched back to Democrat shortly after Bernie announced his candidacy.

NY Delegate Josephine Moore

Shortly after Bernie announced his candidacy for president, I made a promise to myself: to never again vote AGAINST a candidate. I deserve to exercise my right to vote for the candidate who I believe in the most, regardless of what personified anachronism is sitting on another party’s line.

Now, as the Democratic propaganda ramps up and everyone is railing about Donald Trump ushering in the Fourth Reich, I have to admit: I’ve wavered. I’ve wondered: Do I have a moral obligation to once again put my values aside to stop Trump from ascending to the presidency?

But all of those doubts were wiped away when I, as a pledged delegate for Bernie Sanders in New York, sat in the NY Delegation meeting on June 21. You might have seen the video or read the reports about the shenanigans that went on with the “election” of the state delegation chair, Andrew Cuomo. But that’s not what’s been bothering me the last couple of days.

Before all the drama went down, a Hillary Democrat got up and gave a rousing speech rejoicing that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. She called him “a gift to Democrats.”

This man who we’re all supposed to be wringing our hands over, the great threat of our time, for which we need to—once again—compromise our ethics and throw our moral compass out the window to elect Hillary Clinton . . . they were rejoicing. I was appalled and disgusted. The Trump candidacy is a good thing for opportunistic Democrats hoping to bring a political revolution to heel.

And I sat and remembered: Election after election, we are presented with a Republican boogey man. And yes, Donald Trump is the worst one yet. But let’s stand back and think about the reason he’s there:

Third-Way Blue Dog Democrats and entrenched, out-of-touch politicians who are selling our government to the highest bidder and making the lives of everyday people more and more difficult every passing year. Politicians exactly like Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary Clinton wins, then we continue down this path of increasing wealth and income inequality, needless wars and militarism, corporate cronyism at the expense of people, and the further acceleration of our livable planet’s sustainability.

And people will become more desperate than they are now, more angry, more unable to see who to blame. So they’ll blame the Other—they’ll scapegoat a group. And 4 or 8 years from now they will elect a Republican nominee who will make Donald Trump look about as scary as a Kardashian. And Democrats will once again put forth their crony candidate, and they will once again offer nothing more than “Vote for us or else you get HIM!” (or her, you never know).

But this time there will be more angry, desperate people.

If we ignore the desperation and anger, it grows. If we don’t fix the problems, we will eventually be consumed with the rage of our society.

Democrats are doing this because it is a strategy that has worked for them for decades now: Rule by fear because we’re better than Republicans. And if that’s the bar you’re setting for how you earn your votes, then you’re not reaching high at all, you’re not trying, you’re not caring, and you’re not thinking about the needs of the people and how you can help to improve their lives.

You will not address the anger. You will not fix the problems. And the rage will grow.

But at some point the Democrats’ strategy is going to fail. And the sooner, the better, because the Republicans’ candidates are only going to get worse.

(Besides, almost all the things Trump talks about doing, Clinton has actually done, in some cases over and over again. I don’t buy that she’s better than Trump—I’m not saying he’s good, but I won’t concede that she’s better.)

So I no longer doubt my promise to myself. I will only vote for a candidate I believe in. And it’s not my or any other individual voter’s fault if we get a Donald Trump presidency.

The Democratic Party, by way of its superdelegates, insists on putting up the weaker candidate, the candidate who, even with all of the advantages bestowed upon her through obscene amounts of corporate money, DNC favor, and media bias, could not definitively secure the nomination and now depends upon superdelegates to coronate her.

Bernie Sanders, who eschewed Super PAC and corporate money, who was essentially blacked out by the media and largely disparaged and dismissed when they did mention him, and was hampered in every way the DNC could think to hamper him without explicitly appearing to favor their queen, is only about 200 pledged delegates behind Clinton.

These facts, in addition to the myriad polls showing how much better Sanders polls against Trump and that Clinton is the subject of an FBI criminal investigation, do not support the myth that Clinton is a stronger nominee to send into the general election.

So when superdelegates, many of whom threw their favor to Clinton before anyone else entered the race or before the first debate (they don’t even TRY to hide the system of cronyism!), claim they are choosing the candidate best positioned to win the general, I don’t believe them for a second. They are playing the game, a game by which you win if you have a villain and you can make everyone live in fear.

But this isn’t a game. It’s our democracy, our country, our world, our lives. And it ends here.