2016 DNC Philadelphia, PA-2This year’s 2016 Democratic National Convention will be lively, to say the least. We’re proud to present five progressive activist-writers who’ll be giving us their perspectives from the DNC in Philadelphia, PA.

Here are the MOMocrats (and an honorary DADocrat) who’ll be blogging from the Convention during July 25-28, 2016. A little about each one:

Zoe Alexander (SoCal Correspondent):
Zoe AlexanderZoe Alexander is a TV producer and writer with a background as an editor and reporter for popular magazines including New York Daily News, Star Magazine, In Style. She also co-authored a book with Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mom) called Destiny’s Style: Bootylicous Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Secrets from Destiny’s Child, has been a style correspondent for FOX, WNBC, WE, E! and guest-starred on Fox’s TV drama “Rescue Me.”
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Michael Flanagan (NY Correspondent):
Michael Flanagan
Dr. Michael Flanagan has taught in the New York City Public School system for the past 30 years. He holds a BA and MSEd from Lehman College, CUNY and earned his Doctorate in Special Education at Columbia University’s Teacher College in 2006. He is a union representative in the UFT and is part of the leadership team of the Badass Teachers Association. He is the proud father of a 12 year old daughter who opted out of the NYS standardized exams and an honorary member of the MOMocrats activist group.

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Christina Gleason (NY Correspondent):
Christina GleasonChristina Gleason is a Corporate Neurodiversity Consultant, Author, Writer, and Disability Advocate serving as the New York correspondent for MOMocrats. She holds a BA and MA in Applied Social & Community Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She and her son are both on the autism spectrum, with her husband being outnumbered as the only neurotypical member of the family. Please visit ChristinaGleason.com for more information about Christina and her work.

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Anoosh Jorjorian (NoCal Correspondent):
Anoosh JorjorianAnoosh Jorjorian is a freelance writer, blogger, and mother to two small children. Her writing has been published on Salon.com, Time, AlterNet, The Huffington Post, Racialicious, Black Girl Dangerous, MOMocrats.com, and Sojourner. Her blog, Araña Mama, examines topics on parenting and politics ranging from race and gender, food systems, economic and social justice, gun violence, and postpartum depression. She currently lives in Davis, CA, where she serves as Social Media Lead for the Sacramento Area group of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

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Jennifer Miller-Smith (UT Correspondent):
Jennifer Miller-SmithI’m a full-time single mom of two teens. I have blogged, commented, and served in Community Spotlight for dailykos for nearly 10 years and attended all but one Netroots Nations. I am active in local politics for organizing and activism both. I canvass, phone bank, recruit volunteers, data entry, arrange events, march in parades, attend legislative sessions, prepare to testify, etc. I am the Vice-Chair of the County Progressive Caucus, and advisor to the Women’s County Caucus. I also volunteer for the county party and state party. For the state party, I volunteer at convention so I do not normally caucus at that level. All politics is local & my favorite politics is in my own neighborhood.

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