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In 100 days, Trump has managed to turn Obama Nation into Abomination.

Here is what he’s accomplished so far:

Over 800 stupid, hateful tweets, a record number of cabinet members and staff members who have resigned or been fired, three federal investigations, the bombing of two countries, flirting with WWIII with North Korea, fake job claims, and insulting all of our allies. The only legislation that he’s passed, even with a house and senate majority (the largest since 1928), is keeping the government open for another week.

He blew it on everything he promised for his first 100 days: He got shot down twice by the courts on his racist Muslim ban. There is no wall. His big claim that he was going to repeal and replace Obamacare has failed twice to even get to a vote. He failed to reform the tax code and never did drain the swamp.

He is the most unethical president in modern history and has the lowest approval rating of any president at 100 days.

The only jobs he’s created are for his family and ass kissing “friends”. Nepotism reigns bigly – Jared Kushner, the Secretary of Everything, and Ivanka Trump, the First Daughter, are sitting at the adult’s table everywhere they go and nobody can figure out why.

He’s never left the country! Obama had been to 9 other countries in his first 100 days. Trump has only been to Palm Beach. He doesn’t even go “home” to Trump Tower to visit the Third Lady and their son.

So what does he do every day? He wanders around the White House, tweets, watches TV, and signs off on stuff he never reads.

He’s skipping the annual correspondence dinner tonight because he can’t take a joke.

The media is still covering him with a straight face.

Late night TV has never been so good. Comics can’t even keep up with him.

He’s still boasting about winning the election by a historical landslide.

He’s making a shit ton of money off of being president.

Racism in on the rise and schizophrenics can own guns.

Russiagate……….his greed and ignorance will be his demise.

He enacts the “Obama made me do it” defense whenever he can.

He misses his old life and feels trapped in that big white house. He used to be able to go out to dinner in Manhattan and sign autographs. Now nobody adores him – his only audience is at Mar-A-Lago or at his rallies.

He spoke for the gun nuts at the NRA yesterday. He’s the first president to do that since Reagan. He needed the applause. Nobody shot their guns off in excitement, though, because everybody had to check their pieces at the door.

Republicans are standing by him and those who voted for him are still with him, which is the crux of the problem – the lowest common denominator gave rise to the power of Trump in the first place. After he is impeached, Congress will need to enact new legislation to keep another Trump from ever happening again. We can no longer take for granted that anyone who runs for president is competent, sane or sincere.

Nobody has promised more and delivered less. He never wanted to be POTUS, he just wanted to win. He’s lowered the bar for the role of the president from being the highest, most respected office in the land to Poor White House Trash.