100 Days of Donald Trump

Image Source: Shutterstock

It’s been 100 days since Donald Trump put one hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the US Constitution. True to form, “chaos candidate” has headed a chaotic administration. Where we are 100 days later:

“Lock Her Up” Michael Flynn was fired by Obama for being an Islamaphobic asshole. That didn’t matter to Donald “Twitler” Trump. He hired him to be his national security advisor as payback for working on his campaign, where he got the haters all fired up about Islam being a dangerous ideology and Hillary being a criminal. 24 days later, Trump told him, “You’re fired.” He won’t release any information on him and will have to be subpoenaed. Trump is protecting Flynn. Why?

Children refugees must undergo “extreme vetting” but members of Trump’s cabinet do not. Why?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have worked for (or been married to) Trump who have first hand knowledge of Trump’s business dealings and holdings, but not a single person has stepped up to tell what they know. Why?

Trump won’t release White House visitor logs. Why?

Trump has taken a cheap shot at just about every major world leader except Putin. Why?

Trump warns of potential “Major, major conflict” with North Korea. Why?

US economy grew just 0.7 percent in the first quarter, the weakest showing in 3 years. Why?

Jason Chaffetz made himself famous with all of the pointless Benghazi hearings. He put on quite a show. He’s very, very ambitious (nothing says opportunistic like a Jew moving from Southern California to Utah to convert to Mormonism so he could run for office. A Southern Californian Jewish Republican? I don’t think so.) With all of the many opportunities for him to really get his mug out there for the cameras as lead investigator on all things Russian and the inauguration slush fund, he’s ducking out and quitting now. Why?

Trump tweeted that Americans are preparing for summer family vacations but they won’t get to visit any national parks because Democrats. The government is going to get shut down because Democrats. He doesn’t know that the Dems are pretty much powerless as they are outnumbered in both the house and senate. He doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know that? WHY?

Trump had six companies that he ran through bankruptcy. That’s a well known fact. Yet people voted for him “because he’s a business man”. Why?

Fox News personality, Jesse Watters, is taking a little time off after his on air insinuation that the microphone Ivanka was holding was his weiner. We know why.

Arkansas. Republican congressman, Josh Miller, lives in a wheelchair because he was paralyzed from a drunk driving accident in his early twenties. He got through the whole ordeal with the help of Medicare and Medicaid, to the tune of $1 million. He won’t support Obamacare and the Medicaid expansion in his state, though, because he says free loaders will use it to get prescription drugs. Also, Arkansas is killing people left and right in prisons now, too, because the drugs that they use to kill prisoners will expire soon. They’ve just done their fourth execution in eight days. Arkansas, you’re one of the poorest, meanest, dumbest states in the nation. Why?

OK, kids. The 100 day stress test is almost over. I know we’re all exhausted and scared. Just know this: Our civilized society will not go quietly into that dark night. The Resistance is alive and well and we are strong. We will defeat Trump and the Republicans and ultimately save our Republic. Hang in there!

Parting thought: Never give a liar the benefit of the doubt. No need to ask why.