There’s been a ton of news this week at an even more dizzying pace than usual. We’re going to discuss as much as we can fit into a one hour podcast, but felt it important to talk about how very different the gun debate feels after Parkland, thanks to the remarkable student leaders from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. And while we are proud to be part of this groundswell, we would be remiss if we did not contrast that with the reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some of the other political news we hope to get to today include:

  • The president’s latest attack on Jeff Sessions – and the Attorney General’s fight back
  • The scrutiny on Ben Carson’s office expenditures while the budget to house our poorest residents is drastically cut
  • New revelations about Russian hacking on voting systems in 2016
  • The Schiff memo was finally released (was that really just five days ago?)
  • And what we learned watching CPAC last week
  • The resignation of Hope Hicks
  • What happens to Jared Kushner now that he’s had his top level security clearance yanked

The podcast runs live today at [3:00] ET/[2:00] CT/[12:00] PT and can be downloaded at iTunes and Stitcher.

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