Sarah Huckabee Sanders says lots of laughable things in her daily press briefings, but yesterday took the cake, as she proclaimed that “This is an intense place, as is every White House, and it’s not abnormal that you would have people come and go.” This was after being questioned about the unprecedented rate of personnel turnover for an administration that’s only been in power for 14 months. But the loss of Gary Cohn as economic adviser – over Trump’s declaration of a trade war – is a taste of things to come. The president is reported to be increasingly isolated – and apt to rule from his gut. And we all know how many Big Macs and Diet Cokes are swimming around in there… This bumpy ride is about to get a lot bumpier. Politics from a progressive point of view, hosted by MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills.