“Just Call Me Hussein”: The Meme

Feb 28, 2008 by

Thanks to everyone that has participated in the latest MOMocrats Smackdown: “Just Call Me Hussein” Day.

Why all the fuss? Some ig’nant fools apparently think it’s helpful to their cause to liken Barack Obama to a “terrorist” because his middle name is “Hussein.” And we ain’t havin’ none of that. Why? Because “bitch is the new black,” and we? Are bitches.

We’ve decided to extend the reach of this important blog action by making “Just Call Me Hussein” a meme. If you are reading this and haven’t posted, consider yourself tagged. All you have to do is post your “Hussein name” in the title of your blog and share a story about how someone tried to make you feel bad about your name. (See examples below.) Help put childish bullies like Bill Cunningham in his place by declaring yourself a “Hussein!”

When you post

—whenever you post—be sure to link us so we can find you. Now, go! Spread that meme far and wide, sistahs (and brahs)! Bitches get shit done!

[Grab a button!]

Or some code:

button 1
<a href=”http://momocrats.com/legacy/2008/02/just-call-me-hu.html”><img src=”http://momocrats.typepad.com/Hussein-Button-Large.gif”> </a>

button 2
<a href=”http://momocrats.com/legacy/2008/02/just-call-me-hu.html”><img src=”http://momocrats.typepad.com/Hussein-Button-3-Large.gif”> </a>

Special thanks to everyone who kicked the meme off “correc‘”:

Just Call Me Mini Hussein Van Bohemian (Minivan Bohemian)
Just Call Me Erzsebet Katkics Hussein Thompson (This Full House)
Just Call me Elizabeth Anne Hussein Edwards (Table for Five)
Yeah, That’s Right, I’m Girl Hussein Con Queso, (Girl Con Queso)
Relieved to Be Called Amy Hussein S. (Up With Moms)
Just Call Me Hussein (Gunfighter: A Modern Warrior’s Life)
Just Call Me Hussein-Marie (A Mama’s Rant)
Self-Made Hussein Mom (Self-Made Mom)
Hussein-ematic Says: Oh…Snap! (P i l l o w b o o k)
Just Call Me The Lovely Mrs. Hussein Davis (The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think)
Just Call Me Mom “Hussein” 101 (Mom-101)
Barack Hussein Obama: A Name You Can Trust (Black Women for Obama)
If My Grandfather Had Been Named Hussein… (Len Edgerly)
Tulip Shennandoah Smithington McVargas Pennington O’Toole (katydidnot)
Just Call Me Kim Eilleen Hussein (Professor Kim’s News Notes)
Just Call Me Hairy Fat Hussein (The Eleventh)
Just Call Me Rosenblum Hussein (Needs New Batteries)
That’s Ms. Hussein, If You’re Nasty (Woman on the Verge)
Call me Michele Hussein (I Got Two, Babe)
Just Call Me Ern Hussein (Sights and Ramblings)
Just Call Me Lauren Lori Laura Loreen Hussein Baytty Batty Bee-A-ty Beatty (Sweet Beans)
Hussein’s Dice (Kady Liang)
Just Call Me Lady Hussein Liberal, (Life, Liberty and Vodka Tonics)
Just Call me Summer Hussein (Wired for Noise)
Just Call Me Ammie Hussein (Sleeping Mommy)
Just Call Me Husseinlien123 (The Lotus Life)
Just Call Me Ana Hussein (Bongga Mom)
Just Call Me Erin Elizabeth Hussein Kotecki Vest (Queen of Spain)
You Can Call Me Glennia Hussein Campbell (The Silent I)
Who’s Sayin’ Hussein? Florinda Hussein Vasquez, that’s who (The 3 R’s: Reading, ‘riting, and Randomness)
“Just Call Me Moondance Hussein Anne”
Day (Sea Change)
Just Call Me Astacia Hussein Mamikaze (Life on the Run)
Today is Just Call Me Hussein Day (Anachroclysmic)
Just Call Me Twizzle Hussein Mussolini Adolph Fidel Mao Bin Laden! (Baboon of Magnesia)
Just Call Me Karoli Hussein
(Drums and Whistles)
MotherTalkers (see comments)
Just Call Me Erin Hussein (Creation Halt)
Benny, when you call me you can call me HUSSEIN (Julie Pippert)
Just Call Me Hussein Donna Hussein Schwartz Mills (So Cal Mom)
Deborah “Glo-bra” Hussein. (i-obsess)
Joanne Hussein PunditMom (PunditMom)
Just Call Me Sheila Hussein Bernus Dowd (Xiaolin Mama)
Stephanie “The Stripper” Hussein (Lawyer Mama)
jen hussein plus two (One Plus Two)
Just Call Me Stefania Hussein Butler (CityMama)

If you aren’t listed here and want to be, leave a comment below and we will add you!

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  1. The "Hussein" name didn't make it into the permalink, but I promise it's in the title if you read the post: http://pendvasq-readingritingandrandomness.blogspot.com/2008/02/whos-sayin-hussein.html

  2. Done and done! Add me! 🙂

  3. Just Call Me Patricia Hussein Smith!

    Please consider featuring the article below on your blog – I wrote it just tonight – thanks!

    Patricia Wilson-Smith

    This week

  4. Here ya go- Self-Made Hussein Mom. Love the idea! http://selfmademom.net/2008/03/01/self-made-hussein-mom/

  5. Just call me Hussein-Marie. http://www.amamasrant.com/a_mamas_rant/2008/03/just-call-me-hu.html

    Found this post bia sk*rt, btw.

  6. Man, check out of the blogosphere for a few days and you miss all the fun!

    Psyched to play. Here's mine.


  7. I'm Girl Hussein con Queso. http://thequeso.com/ Hear me roar con queso.

  8. Just call me Mini Hussein Van Bohemian. Whew! Glad I didn't hyphenate when I got married! "Mini Hussein Hottotrot-Van Bohemian" sounds really dumb!


  9. I usually do not jump on bandwagons and at first I was happy to change my pen name middle name. That was until I saw that distasteful video posted in one of these links. It went right over my head at first. Hillary's mocking followers, ya see. I am not prone to follow the leader and feel real bad that I feel into this trap.

    I decided to follow those who are using buttons with Barack (insert rose) Obama buttons. I did not like the middle finger icon above nor the Democrat one. I am a people not a party. Senator Obama is a gentleman, not given to giving people the finger, ya see. That is New York Yankee fan behavior. I prefer California Angels laid back loving kind myself.

    Attitudes are contagious ya see.

  10. Liz

    Hmmm, I thought I left my link earlier this week. But, then again, I could have been trippin' on Dayquil, again.


    Thank you!

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