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We know all you mamas out there are probably just as crazy busy today taking care of your families as you are every day of the year. But please, remember to take some time out of your hectic schedule today to VOTE. At many polling places it only takes minutes to cast your ballot.

To make voting a little easier for the frantic and frazzled, here are a few helpful links:

Find your polling place. Google is making it easy to find your polling place today with a special Google Maps Vote feature. Just enter your address and Google will not only find your polling place, but also give you directions.

Review local candidates and issues. Not sure what's on your local ballot? The League of Women Voters stands ready to help a mother out! Check out, where the League provides nonpartisan information on ballot issues and candidates across the country.

If you can't find your own local ballot information listed there, try your state Secretary of State website. The National Association of Secretaries of State has links to all 50 of them.

Can't find a sitter? Bring your kids. Got a toddler permanently attached to your hand or a newborn in a sling? Don't be afraid to haul your kids right into the voting booth with you. You won't be the only one!

The first time I tried voting with a baby in tow, back in 2004, I was really nervous that my kid would make a fuss in the long lines and make everyone stare. But I went anyway, and stood in line, holding an umbrella crookedly over my fussy six-month-old as a chilly rain fell on my own unprotected head. We both survived.

In fact, I've brought my son to vote with me in nearly every election since he was a baby, and every time, poll workers and fellow voters have been nothing but thrilled to see him and cover him in I VOTED stickers. Far from finding democracy boring, these days, my son gets angry at me if I can't bring him to vote.

Taking your children along to vote teaches your kids that participating in democracy is important to you. So if you have to bring them along, bring them, and do it with pride.

If your older kids whine about standing in line, just tell them you are voting to improve their future. And then when they roll their eyes at you, sneak them some leftover Halloween candy to distract them until you're finished voting.

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  1. My 4yo sat criss-cross applesauce under my voting booth and waited as patiently as he could (my ballot survived a few booth bumps here and there). Granted having done my homework on the practice ballot beforehand helped speed it along. And then afterwards, he was quite sure I had voted for Linus as Student Body President (thank you Charlie Brown). No matter, he got the gist. And now we're both wearing our "I voted" stickers proudly.

    Vote! Women and mothers could make the difference in this election!!!

  2. Wow, thanks for putting this list together. Can't wait to try some of these out!