What a difference a week makes. The last time the MOMocrats checked in, all of the pundits were declaring the Mueller hearings a big fat bust: there weren’t any real fireworks, Mueller didn’t say anything new, and – SHAMEFULLY! – the “optics weren’t good.”

But a funny thing has happened since then: one by one, more and more House Democrats have declared their support for an impeachment inquiry (117 of 235, as of this writing – more than half). And as the individual representatives meet with constituents during this long summer recess, that number is sure to rise. (Maybe we can put to rest the complaints about Nancy Pelosi’s careful strategy to build a strong case before beginning a formal process?)

MOMocrats Aliza Worthington and Donna Schwartz Mills talk about this new march toward impeachment, as well as this week’s reality TV debate, and the president’s fear of the House Oversight Committee and its venerable chair, Rep. Elijah Cummings.