The impeachment inquiry this week included bombshell testimony from William Taylor, the current acting ambassador to Ukraine, whose 15-page opening statement – released to the public – included outrageous details of Trump’s extortion scheme to manufacture dirt on Vice President Biden. The mobster-in-chief tried to change the subject. He tried to gaslight us into believing his surrender to Turkey and Russia in Syria was actually good for the Kurds. He tried to paint Taylor – a West Point graduate, Vietnam veteran with 50 years of service to this country – as a partisan. When that didn’t fly, he and his congressonal surrogates tried to argue that the quid pro quo described in the testimony wasn’t illegal, because the Ukrainians didn’t know their military aid was being held up. When news outlets reported that they did indeed know – even before President Zelenskyy took office – they resorted to stunts, with toady Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz leading a charge of GOP congressman storming the SCIF where the hearings are being held. Finally, AG William Barr dropped a bombshell of his own: the bogus attempt to rewrite the history of Russia’s interference into the 2016 election is now a criminal inquiry, with the potential to truly harm the CIA and Justice Department veterans Trump characterizes as enemies. That got everyone’s attention.

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