The weekend of January 18 marks the occasion of the fourth annual Women’s March around the country – and a visible opportunity to organize around the 2020 election.

And the events of the last week, which brought us to the brink of war make it glaringly clear: We MUST vote Trump out, AND all his GOP enablers… not just in the Senate, but in the State legislatures, in order to stop the partisan gerrymandering that has enabled the Republican party to hold on to so much power despite losing the popular vote, year after year after year.

The challenges imposed on us by gerrymandering, voter restrictions, and the Electoral College means that we need an overwhelming turnout of Democratic voters. We need to dwarf the Blue Wave of 2018 with a Blue Tsunami.

It’s in that spirit that we’ve designed these new signs to bring with us to this year’s Women’s March and any other 2020 protests and demonstrations we are likely to attend:

We Have the Power 2020

Poster #1: We Have the Power

Vote Blue 2020


Poster #2: Vote Blue

Download the package of high-resolution PDF and PNG versions of the posters from the link below, so you may print as one double-sided sign or as two individual signs. We’ll see you on the march and at the polls.