Donald Trump’s impeachment ended just the way he and Mitch McConnell wanted: without damaging witnesses or documents, and an acquittal in the Senate. 

But just as in Mueller: HE WAS NOT EXONERATED. And – he not only could not peel off any vulnerable Democrats to support him, he lost one Republican Senator when Mitt Romney announced he could not proclaim him innocent. 

The president got away with his attempts to manipulate an ally into helping him smear one of his Democratic opponents. There’s NOTHING TO STOP HIM continuing to cheat in the 2020 election. His State of the Union address was a glimpse of how his campaign will run, and it wasn’t pretty. MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills talk about the ramifications of that, as well as what to expect now that the primaries have begun. No one is happy about the way the Democrats managed the Iowa Caucus (except maybe Pete Buttigieg). New Hampshire is coming up and then Nevada and South Carolina – and Super Tuesday. 

It’s ON.

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