The MOMocrats laughed when Trump took credit this week for “making Juneteenth famous.” But if you’re talking about the majority of his base – who are the ONLY Americans he cares about – there’s some truth to that. By scheduling his first rally in months on June 19th just blocks away from the site of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, millions of white Americans learned the details of a shameful episode that they likely never heard of in history class.

Weeks of protests over police crimes against Black Americans (which continue) has put Juneteenth on the radar of even the most oblivious White Americans. The nation’s large and small corporations are emailing their customers with Juneteenth messages. And the movement to make Juneteenth a national holiday is gaining steam. But the violence continues: The Atlanta police killing of Rayshard Brooks has dominated the news this week. And in the last couple of weeks, six people of color (to date) have been found hanging from trees around the country – and have been initially categorized by local authorities as “suicides” until public outcry forces them to investigate further.

MOMocrats Aliza Worthington and Donna Schwartz Mills will also talk about the surging COVID-19 pandemic, the surprising SCOTUS decisions, John Bolton’s book, and more in this week’s podcast from a progressive point of view – a member of the DemCast family of podcasts.