The year is half over, and so far we’ve had a pandemic, massive recession, and civic unrest – while being led by an erratic, authoritarian liar who is fighting for re-election. Wags on Twitter point out that 2020 is like a 20th century mixtape, with all of the terrible events of the last century occurring at once. The only thing we have not yet endured is a world war, and all we can do is hope that Trump doesn’t get us embroiled in something like that – but we have another five months until the election, and Trump is tanking in the polls… so there’s time.

MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss a week in politics that began with Bill Barr’s botched firing of SDNY’s leader and ended with an attempt to dismantle the entire ACA in the middle of a pandemic – after 20 million newly unemployed people have moved onto Obamacare. Part of the Demcast family of podcasts.