The Supreme Court this week ruled that Donald Trump is not immune from criminal investigations and Congressional oversight and he went ballistic on Twitter. 

And the country gave out a collective yawn. After all, we’re the epicenter of death in a global pandemic, unemployment is at Great Depression levels, the racism baked into our nation’s civic infrastructure has reached a boiling point, and we have a president who does nothing but make it all worse because all he cares about is getting re-elected (so he can continue to not do anything that benefits the American people).

Three and one-half years ago, when Donald Trump came in to office and began assaulting our people and institutions, we would collectively moan, “This is not normal.” But now – we are so far from “normal,” who knows what it means any longer?

Joe Biden gave a speech yesterday on the economy. He doesn’t have the soaring rhetoric of Barack Obama – but his recognition of the suffering of Americans who are just trying to get through another day was… soothing. And was a reminder of what it felt to have a leader who is “normal.” 

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